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Model at Maxwell Green Complete - Designed by Dennis Duffy, September 25, 2013  

Dennis Duffy Brings Boston Design to Maine, Ocean Home Magazine, September 2011  

Down East Meets Downtown, New England Home, September/October 2011

Residences at the InterContinental, Perspectives New England Winter 2011 (need better link or pdf)

Modern Bathrooms, Boston Common, 2010

45 Province Showcases New Model Home, November 9, 2010  

Modern Anomaly, Design New England, November/December 2009

Dennis Duffy Makes the Most of Gary Sullivan's Split-Level Chinatown Penthouse, Stuff Boston, December 2009

Dennis Duffy's Stuff, Stuff @ Night, December 2009

Duffy Design Group Retail Award, IIDA New England Blog, 2009

Duffy Gets IIDA Best Retail Project Award, High-Profile Monthly, July 2009

Duffy Design Group is Creating Inspiring Residential Interiors to Help Clients Make Their Properties Appealing and Saleable, New England Real Estate Journal, June 2009

Super Models at 45 Province, New England Home Magazine, May/June 2009 (need link or pdf)

The Ultimate Dinner Party, Design New England, March/April 2009 (need link or pdf)

Big Changes, Small Investments, Boston Home, Spring 2009 (need link or pdf) 

45 Province Offers Luxury in the Heart of the City, Boston Business Journal, February 2009

Point of View - This Cambridge Condo is a Natural Beauty, Boston Common, January/February 2009 

Lofty Expectations - Best of Boston Home, Boston Magazine,  2009 (need link or pdf)

Full Plate - DIFFA's Dining By Design, Boston Common, January/February 2009

Sit on This - Art and Design of the 20th and 21st Centuries, March 3, 2008

Driven by Design - Dennis Duffy, Boston Business Journal, January 18, 2008

Urban Sophisticate - A Boston Designer Tailors His Own High-Rise Home To His Vision of Serenity Amid the Bustle of the City, New England Home, January/February 2008 

A Study In Comfort, The Boston Globe, August 2007

Home Front - Point of View, Boston Common, date tbd (need date)

D-Lightful - Designer Dennis Duffy Does "Retail" With His Own Eclectic Furniture Line, Boston Common, date tbd (need date) 

45 Province Model Unit, Boston Homes, date tbd (need better link or pdf)

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