Dennis Duffy Talks Interior Design with Boston Common Magazine

Photographer: Sam Gray

Photographer: Sam Gray

April 18, 2014 | by Jessica Laniewski | Style & Beauty

Boston Common asked Dennis Duffy for his input on the latest design trends.  Here is what he had to say:

On Client Participation
“Clients are ever more aware of design in all aspects of their lives and they want to participate in the design process, as opposed to simply accepting the design offered to them. Through various media, people have been exposed to more variety than ever before and because of that awareness, more have developed their own individual design aesthetic.”

On Individuality
“Design has become much more individual. People are no longer content to follow a prescribed set of “accepted guidelines.” The basic principles of good design, including balance and harmonious contrast, still hold true, but the interpretation of them is a wide open field, allowing for more unique and individual expression by those with the confidence to do so.”

On Technology’s Effects
"More and more aspects of our home environment are being automated, and we are constantly adapting our spaces to accommodate these devices. They affect our interaction with each other and with the built environment."

On Being Environmentally Conscious
"As a culture, we are facing the effects of past industry on the global environment. Even though it may seem like trying to stop an avalanche, we have adapted many guidelines of sustainability to our everyday lives, both in what we consume, what we use in our personal environments and in how we dispose of waste."