A Modern Perspective

Incorporating Modernism into the Traditional Home
the "Bette" sofa from D SCALE
A common challenge in home design today is incorporating a modern aesthetic for the traditional home. However the solution is not as overwhelming as one may think. As modern design is becoming mainstream in the 21st century, there is a wider array of options available, making it easier for homeowners to incorporate the new concepts and ideas. A blend of styles such as traditional and modern can give a room personality and create unique points of interest throughout a space.

Incorporating modernism into the traditional home can be accomplished with the right approach and attention to details. One of the  simplest ways to introduce modernism into your home is to start with a piece of furniture, a statement piece. The piece should reflect your lifestyle and complement existing furnishings in the space. If straight lines are not your taste, try a curved piece to encourage the modern aesthetic.

Form is a distinguishing characteristic of modern design. Therefore start by choosing a furniture piece that has a bold shape or silhouette you like. The fabric also play a part in the design aesthetic. Neutral fabrics create a subtle look and can help to make the traditional and modern elements cohesive. However graphic fabrics can make a bold statement. This can be successful if the color is carried throughout the space in traditional accessories.
the "Bette" sofa incorporated into a traditional home
The sofa above is a great staple piece for incorporating modern design. The “Bette” sofa is an exclusive piece, designed by Dennis Duffy of Duffy Design Group , located in Boston. The piece is sold in Duffy’s furniture showroom D SCALE. The silhouette of the sofa is linear and the piece has a sleek form. However the neutral fabric and wood tone feet, remain subtle enough to not overwhelm the space. It is an excellent example of incorporating modernism into the home as its structure and color palette works nicely with traditional wooden tables or fabrics.

If you are interested in the “Bette” sofa or other modern furniture for a statement piece in your home, visit D SCALE is located at 520 Harrison Ave., Main Level, Boston, MA 02118 or call the showroom at 617-542-2074 with any questions.