Duffy Design Group at DIFFA Dining by Design 2008

We present you with a magical pavilion that combines color, light and form to delight the senses. Please join us at this table, infused with the color of joy. Delight your senses with texture, pattern, and oh did we mention – color!!
Duffy Design Group and D SCALE teamed up with Marc Kaplan of Sanford Custom Builders to create La Fantasie Japonaise for the 2008 Dining by Design extravaganza held at the Boston Design Center and Black Falcon Pier, Boston. Their guests were presented with a magical pavilion that combined color, light and form to delight the senses.
As noted by Dennis Duffy, “we named our dining space ‘La Fantasie Japonaise’ first because of the Japanese/Deco stylized floral wall covering that we used for the interior wall panels. The ‘Fantasie’ comes from the overall effect of being in a magical place where all is beautiful. In total, this is a space that combines light, color, pattern and texture to create a truly 'Fantastic' experience!”
Much of this was achieved by washing each of the nine acrylic windows that punctuate the space with a fuchsia hue emitted by an LED fixture imbedded in the platform below. The dining table, also sandblasted acrylic, was illuminated from within by a fuchsia-tinted light source. On it, the place settings combine Millennium, Sophia and Chrysanthemum patterns by Tiffany & Co. The seating platform, with fuchsia and yellow-striped fabric from Knoll Textiles, and the exterior walls of this "pavilion" were lacquered in white. All of this was covered with a canopy of steel-bead chains that came from the perimeter to the center and cascaded down over the light pendant.
Guests included John and Laura Meyer of Meyer & Meyer Architecture and Interiors, Jan Gleysteen of Jan Gleysteen Architects, Alina and Jim Apteker of Longwood Events, Michelle Oliver and John DiMaggio, Dennis Duffy, Debra LaPorte, and Marc Kaplan.
Dining by Design raises significant funds to support the care and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS as well as preventative education for those at risk. The funds raised by the Boston event will go directly to a local nonprofit organization, Community Research Initiative of New England . . The event was held at the Boston Design Center and Black Falcon Pier, Boston on December 5th and 6th, 2008.

Thank you to all of those that made this successful and rewarding event possible. We couldn't have done it without you!

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